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ShipRush Ecommerce and Feature Discussion

ecwid Cart: Now ShipRush - Integrated!

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ecwid Sellers: Sell on ecwid, ship in ShipRush!

All your shipping carriers. Discount Postage, Same Day delivery services, and more in ShipRush.


In both Order Manager and ShipRush Web, select Add Web Store, choose ecwid, and complete the wizard.

Sell on ecwid, ship in ShipRush!

Happy shipping!

Get ShipRush:

- ShipRush Web: http://my.shiprush.com

- ShipRush Desktop: https://shiprush.com/downloads/
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  1. PosterPresentations's Avatar
    When we ship a package from ShipRush, the Ecwid Order status changes to Shipped, but the tracking number goes to the Ecwid "Customer's comments" field instead of the "Tracking number" field. Is there any way to automate it to be entered in the "Tracking number" field so that the customer gets the Ecwid "Shipping" notification with the tracking number included?
  2. abdulkareem's Avatar
    I always use ShipRush for any shipment. My aunt lives in US and we have not found any best shipping carrier yet except this. I sometimes think how fast the world is moving in technology from online machineries to everything we need. I even find the best assignment writers near me online and do all work. The best part is you can easily track your courier online. I do recommend this.