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eBay Combined Checkout: What is that?

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For everyone who read the whole list of new features (for v8), you saw this:

Case 23426: eBay Shopping Cart: Full support for eBay multi-item orders (If the buyer purchases different items in a single checkout). In these cases, Combined shipping is no longer needed, as the sale will appear as a single order in Order Manager, with multiple line items.

Completely clear?


Here is what this means:

Over the past few months, eBay has implemented more and more of a "cart." Most ecommerce sites have the "shopping cart" idea. We all know it, but sometimes we forget what this means:

  1. Look around the web site
  2. Find things you want
  3. Add them to your cart as you find them
  4. "Check out" and pay for the stuff

Just like at the supermarket....

Except eBay has been a little different. eBay has some other "ideas" on their web site. Ideas that only eBay does:

  • Auctions
  • Seller option to require "instant payment"

This makes it hard for eBay to have a real "cart."

But buyers want carts... and eBay is working in this direction. For example, when you buy something from a seller, eBay often prompts "do you want to buy another thing from this seller." If you do, you get a single checkout for all the items you buy from that seller.... just like a cart.

In v7.x and earlier, ShipRush would see these multiple items each as its own sale. This is why ShipRush has the "combined shipping" option, to let you bundle the shipment together.

Now in v8, ShipRush automatically "sees" the order as what we call a "multi-item order." So ShipRush does the work, and you do not need to use "combined."

This only works for sales that have multiple items on a single checkout. If the buyer does checkout three times, it is three sales, and will show up as three orders in ShipRush. Use Combined for these.

Thank you for using ShipRush!
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  1. savemyserver's Avatar
    Is there any way to turn this off? We have customers who buy multiple items through eBay and we ship them as they are prepared. A customer can have multiple shipments on multiple days for one order. Now we can't use this method. Once one item is marked shipped, the whole order is marked shipped. We'd like to manually combine these. Is there a setting to turn this feature off?