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Your Return Address ZIP Code: Does the Postal Service Care ?

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Let's say you live in the 90210 zip (Beverly Hills, lucky you...), but you bring your parcels to the post office in the 90064 (nearby Los Angeles).

A postal clerk calls you out, saying that you should use the 90064 zip code to bring parcels to their facility.

A realistic scenario?

Yes, actually. We have seen it happen a number of times. Usually in rural areas. Some bloggers have noticed it too.

For parcel volume, the originating post office is credited for the volume. There is a financial factor to this. If you do more than a handful of packages OR you are in a rural area where postal volume is low, the postal staff may notice that your shipments are from a different zip code (and that they may not be getting credit as a result).

ShipRush Endicia has a setting to manage exactly this need. The address in Settings is your ship-from address (and prints on the label). The "PO Zip Code" lets you tell the Postal Service the zip of the post office you use, so they get full credit for your shipments.

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