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Some Amazon Details - For Merchants

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We noticed some details about how Amazon works, and we want to share them. This can be important for Amazon sellers.

Amazon merchant policies require quick shipping. An example is Featured Merchant. To get listed as a Featured Merchant, you must ship promptly and have good delivery performance (from the Amazon website).

Amazon requires that merchants mark items as "shipped" in the Amazon console. This is called "confirming shipment." If shipments are not confirmed

The question is: What date goes on the confirmation?

We have discovered that if the shipment is confirmed more than once, Amazon will keep updating the "shipment confirmed date." Here is how this works:

  • Customer buys on a Sunday
  • Merchant confirms shipment on a Monday (the Amazon system now thinks you ship within one day -- good!)
  • Merchant uses some other system to confirm the shipment again on a Thursday
  • Problem: Amazon now changes the ship date to Thursday (the Amazon system now thinks it took you four days to ship -- bad!)

This can be a problem if you use many systems for your order processing. If you use only one system, everything will be OK. But if you use different systems (examples: ShipRush and/or Channel Advisor and/or built-in Amazon shipment system, etc.), you may find that the shipment confirmation goes to Amazon twice. If it is on the same day (or perhaps on the very next day), this should be OK. But if there are many days in between, this may cause problems.

In one case I worked on, the merchant lost "Featured Merchant" status, which was a big problem.

Amazon knows about the problem (my manager told them). Also, when we told them about the Featured Merchant problem, they fixed it for that merchant.

We will keep working with Amazon to fix this problem. For now, you just need to know about it, and you can prevent problems from happening.

Thanks for using ShipRush.
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