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Cyber Monday and Ecommerce Bugs: Amazon and eBay Problems

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Cyber Monday is just behind us, and the leading ecommerce platforms brought gifts to us here in the world of shipping systems.

Is there a return policy for these gifts? Perhaps they can be exchanged? (A few days on a sunny beach sounds nice.)

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The biggest news is the Amazon problem, which caused a lot of merchants to get their account suspended by Amazon.

The problem was documented by Amazon, when you log in to Seller Central:

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This problem actually started on Thanksgiving (or a day before).

What this announcement did not say is that Amazon will suspend merchants.... In summary:

- Amazon introduced (or had happen) a problem, delaying the import of shipment data on shipped orders
- Amazon continued to enforce the rule that fast shipping and fast sending of tracking numbers to Amazon is required
- Amazon suspended some merchants

We think this is a problem, and have let Amazon know about it.

The official Amazon response is:

Affected merchants should use the "Contact Us" link in Amazon Seller Central:

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Amazon reports to us that the technical problem is solved. If you were affected by the problem, you should use the "Contact Us" page shown above.


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Next Up: eBay

Keeping up with the competition, eBay also introduced a new problem in late November that affects shippers. This issue was for sure open between November 18 and November 30. eBay reports to us that they resolved the problem (and their system announcement has been removed), eBay sellers continue to report the issue to us.

The problem is that if you use two different shipping systems, the "shipped" status will fail to flow from one system to the other. For example, if you use Stamps.com to ship smaller items via the Postal Service, and ShipRush FedEx to ship larger items, each system may not see as "shipped" the items shipped by the other system.

This problem has been introduced by eBay a few times (June 2009 is one example I have on file). Again, eBay reports that it is fixed.

We will believe it once Sellers stop noticing the problem.

UPDATE 12/30/10: This issue is still open, as we discuss here: http://forums.zfirm.com/entry.php?45...-by-January-28

Happy Holidays!

(Remember to keep those receipts... just in case!)

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