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FedEx Tracking: Now Built-In to eBay!

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Sellers frequently ask "where are my FedEx options in the eBay web site?"

We have great news for you. FedEx and eBay have collaborated to bring built-in FedEx tracking to ebay.com. When you ship with FedEx, your buyers can "click to track" right in ebay.com. Buyers see all the detail, the same as they see for items sent via the Postal Service and UPS.

Here is the buyer view of bought items. The ones with tracking numbers have shipped.

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When you use ShipRush to process your shipments, the tracking numbers appear to the buyer just as you see here.

When we click on a FedEx tracking number, we see all the tracking information:

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This is the same as when we click on a Postal Service Delivery Confirmation number:

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Or UPS shipment:

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eBay and ShipRush make a great tool for sellers. eBay brings you buyers, and ShipRush gets the goods delivered via FedEx.

And now your buyers can see detailed tracking right inside ebay.com.

The ShipRush Team wishes you a Happy Holiday Shipping Season!
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