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Carts and Emails and Why Doesn't ShipRush Send my CreLoaded Email ?

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This is about a lot of the cart systems that we call "PHP Carts."

Some users told me that when ShipRush sets the order to "shipped" status, the cart does not send an email.

The user said that setting the order "shipped" in the cart merchant console, triggers the cart to send an email but setting it to "shipped" using ShipRush (ShipRush does this automatically) does not trigger the cart email system. to send email.

Well, yes.

This might be hard for a user to see.

Especially because if you use eBay or Amazon, you see that when you mark the order "shipped" the eBay / Amazon system sends an email with the tracking number. eBay / Amazon work this way if you set it shipped inside the merchant console and if you use ShipRush.

So eBay / Amazon look the same as Zen Cart / X-Cart / PHP carts. If you use the ecommerce system by hand and set it as "shipped" an email is sent, but if you use ShipRush it works great on eBay / Amazon, but no email is sent on Zen Cart / X-Cart / PHP carts.

To the merchant, it is obvious: ShipRush has a bug with the PHP carts.

Well, no, it is not a bug.

The difference is whether the ecommerce system is a "mammal" (warm blooded), or a "reptile" (cold blooded). Here is how I explain this to the ShipRush Customer Service team (the ShipRush Gurus):

The lizard on a cold rock is almost dead. It cannot react to threats or changes in its environment. When you shine sun on the lizard, it can move and react. The PHP carts are like lizards. When you are personally, as a human, log in to the PHP cart console, and click to set an order "shipped" the actual click you make in the PHP merchant console sends the email. But if you update the order using the API or the database to set it "shipped" there is no heartbeat in the cart. There is nothing in the cart to "see" that the status has changed, so no email gets sent.

The big systems like eBay and Amazon are "warm blooded." They are alive, and they see the order change to "shipped" no matter where that change comes from. And they then send an email.

But there is a solution for PHP carts.

ShipRush itself can send two kinds of emails: "Carrier" emails (sent by FedEx, etc.) and "Order" emails (with the order items listed). These emails are customizable and can now be html also.

So use ShipRush to send these emails, and everything works great.