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What is a USPS Tracking Number? (aka Delivery Confirmation number)

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Change is coming!

In this article, we will talk about changes to Priority Mail (and other) shipping labels. There are probably a few of these labels within ten feet of you at this very moment.

The FIRST change: The first change that is coming is that the text "DELIVERY CONFIRMATION" (that you see above) will soon be renamed. Labels will magically start saying "TRACKING NUMBER."

Exciting, no?

In theory, when you track at usps.com, you will start seeing more scans on each package, not just the delivery scan. (This happens for many shipments already.)

This change to the text should happen in the next week or so. There is nothing you need to do. It is automatic.

The SECOND change perhaps you already noticed:

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This is a new sorting code used by your post office. It is there to help the post office sort efficiently and reliably. Basically, instead of the folks having to read the zip code of the label, they can just look at this code and know how to sort this package for its first stop.

That is the news of the day!
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