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Postal Drama: Act 2, Scene 1: The PRC Weighs In on Five Day Delivery

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In prior discussions (Act 1, Scene 2 and what let's call Act 1, Scene 1), we discussed the process of moving to five day delivery.

Late last week, the PRC (the Postal Regulatory Commission) set forth their opinion on the matter. 211 pages of it: http://www.prc.gov/Docs/72/72327/Adv...ion_032411.pdf

If you don't have time to read all those pages, here is a hint: The PRC does not agree with the Postal Service itself. The disagreement centers on how much will be saved, and what the impact on customers will be.

Over the months, there have been some open questions, mainly being "who makes the decision" to change to five day delivery. Some comments (such as the Postmaster General's response of 3/24/11 to the PRC opinion) imply that Congressional action is needed to move to five day deliver:

"...we will also continue to press our case with the Congress on this matter."

Other resources, such as the USPS Five Day Delivery fact page, indicate that the change will happen unless it is blocked by Congress:

"Implementation of a five-day delivery schedule by the Postal Service after fiscal year 2010 (which ends Sept. 30, 2010) is contingent upon Congress not enacting legislation to prevent such a change in service."

There is a lot of "sturm und drang" in Congress, and mention of the Postal Service has not been noticed by this writer, but perhaps Congress has big plans for the Postal Service?

The official story from the Postal Service is on their Five Day Delivery web site.