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eBay Bug of the Day: If you use "charge sales tax on shipping and handling" checkbox

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It is another day.

And there is an issue on eBay system.

A problem that affects the users who use the option to charge sales tax on S&H. After we update the item as shipped on the eBay system, this option gets UNCHECKED. This affects ShipRush, My.ShipRush, and all shipping systems that uses the eBay api to update eBay.

This is a serious bug, and the bug is in the eBay system. eBay has acknowledged the bug and will fix it soon. Here is what it looks like:

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This is a small problem, because very few sellers use this feature. However it is a problem for a few users. The good news is that eBay has acknowledged the bug, and is working to fix it.

I want to say that eBay is really good to work with. They work hard with us when an issue is found, and they are open about the problem and their efforts to fix it. eBay is much better than the other leading marketplace.

When this is fixed I will post it here.

(ZF Case 26737)
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