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What I Learned From A User: Fonts!

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A great thing about working with shippers is that the teach me things. And sometimes small things... aren't really so small.

Like font size.

In ShipRush v9, we rolled out an all new Order Manager GUI. We think it is pretty great.

At least our designer thought so.

Actually, I also thought so.

I still think so, even when a user said to me, "You changed the font and it's hard to read."

Point to the user. Point from me (well, from the ShipRush designer, but I'll take the hit for him... this time!).

I turned to the team and asked, "Can we give the user control over the font?"

Here is their answer, available now in ShipRush http://shiprush.com/download

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  1. liquidrc.com's Avatar
    If you are interested, the "scale" button on the shipment window should be larger, or the system needs to try harder to read the scale.

    We use touch screen monitors on our shipping stations. The workers often have to "refresh" the weight before touching the ship button. It's only one more interaction, but a couple hundred interactions a day, multiplied out over the year, it turns into real money.