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ShipRush Support Forums FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

How do I post a question ?

There are four steps to posting:

Watch the video (2 minutes)


Read the steps:

1) You must first register as a user on the forums AND acknowledge the activation email that is sent to you.

2) Now, open the appropriate forum. For example: Click on ShipRush, then ShipRush for FedEx Shippers. Then click on Questions, Troubleshooting & Problems.

3) Now that you are in the appropriate forum, press the New Thread button.

4) Enter a subject for your new thread, and type in the message body!

Note: For errors and many problems, a screen shot can be very helpful to the moderators. Please see the FAQ subject on how to post screen shots!

See you there!

Thank you for participating!

How do I post screen shots or pictures?

There are two steps to posting screen shots:

First, make the screen shot and save it to disk as a PNG, GIF, or JPG file

Second, attach the saved file to your post using the Attach Files option when posting your message or reply (scroll down to see the Attach Files option below the message area).

That is it!

Here is how to make a screen shot:

1) Bring up the screen you want to capture

2) Press the prt-screen button on the keyboard. This will take a picture of the screen and put it on the Windows clipboard.

3) Start up paintbrush. (Start paintbrush via the Start menu or simply select Start | Run, type pbrush

4) Press ctrl-v to paste in the shot

5) Save the file. Depending on the version of windows, you will have different file type options. It is important to save the picture in a way that creates a reasonably small file.

Here is the list of preferred file types. Most desireable first.

BMP -- 16 color bitmap
BMP -- 256 color bitmap

Once saved, when you post use the Attach Files option to select the file you saved in the steps above.

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