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    Fedex Meter Number

    When does the meter number show on a Fedex Account?

    We have a vendor who has provided 2 Fedex accounts that we will use to ship. We added the accounts. They are asking for the meter numbers. We...
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    Scanning barcode does not pop up ShipRush

    I have a issue with scanning a barcode with ShipRush SQL, it does not pop up the ShipRush shipping form. I can double click the icon in the tray and scan in that field.
  3. Question on Customer changing to Shiprush from another product - rates

    We have a customer using a different product(World Ship) from ShipRush. Were wanting to change them to ShipRush. They have a special setup with UPS. Special orders to select zip codes get upgraded to...
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    Re: Ship-from on View Shipments Screen

    Based on Case 31394, will it be populated in the future.
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    Ship-from on View Shipments Screen

    We are trying to find out what the Ship-From field is on View shipments screen. Ours is empty. What populates this field?
  6. Using ShipRush UPS Basic and ShipRush FedEx on same workstation

    I assume two ShipRush Database folders would be required, or when installing ShipRush FedEx should I point to the existing folder where the UPS database is located? This customer ships a lot of...
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