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Thread: Signature Graphics merge code

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    I am using merge codes to generate signatures dynamically in a word document.
    I have stored all the signature files in a single UNC location.
    When I send the merged word document to another user over email, he is not able to see the signature, but i am.
    when I hit the ALT+ F9 key i see the path of the image file. I am able to get to the location where the signature file is stored, but the reciever of the file is an external user and he is not able to see it.

    Is there a way where the signature can be embeded into the word document so that it stays there.
    Signatures are generated dynamically using merge codes
    ANy help is appreciated

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    To merge a signature graphic, please refer to the helpfile discussion at:


    Also, this forum is for ShipRush Basic. To access the forums for OmniRush, please refer to the steps outlined here:

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