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Thread: Zebra Eltron LP 2844 printing label, tab and half of blank sheet.

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    I found a lot of similar problems, but nothing exactly like this.

    My Eltron LP2844 is printing the tab first (no matter if i have it set to top tab, bottom tab, or no tab, it always prints the tab), is printing the label on the second sheet, and then continuing to print half of a blank sheet. So everytime I print a label, it spits out 2 and a half sheet.

    I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Make sure the printer type is set to the 2844 (not the z)
    Label stock is set to 4x6 tab at the top (FedEx Style)
    Print Reverse is checked

    Do a new shipment. Should land on one label as expected.

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