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Thread: Occasionally No Tracking Numbers in Order Manager

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    I have recently started using Shiprush for FedEx for my Amazon store. Things have been going great for about a month but it appears that occasionally, after shipping an order, it is marked as shipped but does not show a tracking number. It has just started in the last few days, and is not often enough that I had noticed until customers started contacting me that they aren't receiving tracking information either. The only change I have recently made, is that I have begun using Smart Post. Not all of the orders that are missing tracking information were shipped using Smart Post though. I am wondering if anyone else has had this issue or why my order manager would list a shipment as shipped but not have the tracking number.

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    The first step would be to run a repair on the database. Please refer to this page:

    That will show you how to use the DBManager and now to run a repair on the database.

    Have Questions? Ask the ShipRush Knowledge Base: https://shiprush.com/kbase
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