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Thread: Packing Slip - SKU Issues

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    On the packing slip I am using the SKU to show the warehouse which part numbers need to be pulled. Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to make the SKU display more than a certain amount of characters in the "Classic" mode. My part numbers are getting cut off, because some of my orders contain up to 5 part numbers. If I switch to the packing slip via Ship Rush, it prints a blank white page. 2 seperate issues which ShipRush customer service could not figure out immediately. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you are aware of a post similar to this one, please provide the URL. Thank you!

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    Could you email a copy of the packing list showing the cut off values to support at shiprush dot com? I just ran a test against an order with 7 items, and no data was cut off.

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