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Thread: Ding! Sound - Problem Pulling Address QuickBooks into ShipRush

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    Is this normal?

    When we click the ShipRush Stamps icon is in the system tray we get a DING! and then need to click on the icon several more times to get ShipRush to pull the data from Quickbooks. The ding sounds very much like a system error ding.

    When ShipRush does pull the address information from Quickbooks after several clicks it normally only imports the shipping address and does not give us the choice to select ship to/bill to as configured in setup.

    The annoying part is that the problem is intermittent (around 80% of orders effected) and our staff needs to monkey around with multiple key tapping to get a address into ShipRush.

    I think the problem may be centric to us but the DING! issue is a problem that we have put up for a long time, accross several installations of ShipRush and systems over our time and I was wondering if other users have this issue?

    Is there an error log in Ship Rush or Windows 7 that we can have a look at the shows any conflicts or?

    Planned Products LLC

    Quickbooks 2012
    Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
    ShipRush 10 - Single User
    QuickBooks Paid Sales Receipts
    PDG Shopping Cart
    Web Connector into QuickBooks

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    The ding sound is normal, sorry.

    For the issue of not pulling in the data properly, there are several things here to try, or change in the settings:
    - Reset the SR application in QB: http://www.shiprush.com/knowledge_ba.../srxa-0538.txt
    - Make sure ShipRush is set to Hybrid Mode in settings | program settings | cm settings
    - When the address fails to pull properly, review the address information in QuickBooks. The basics:
    - The city state and zip must all be on one line, with or without commas
    - The state must be two characters, upper case
    - Zip can be regular 5 digit zip, or zip+4 formatted: 55555-4444 (e.g. with the hyphen)

    Have Questions? Ask the ShipRush Knowledge Base: https://shiprush.com/kbase
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