Hello Everyone,

We recently migrated our QuickBooks Enterprise Server to an offsite datacenter (Windows 2012 R2 with Terminal Service). We do have (1) Windows 7 Pro Workstation at our local office connected with a USB Metler PS60 Scale and Zebra 505 Label printer.

We first configured the Fedex machine with local Fedex Ship Manager & local Quickbooks (with fetching data from datacenter). I know this is not the best practice but the scale/printer was not network compatible so we tried this way. Although it worked, loading information from QB Server was very slow, resulting in 2 minutes boot time for QB and 15 second delay for Opening up each Invoice # through Fedex. The lag was too much that we had to look for different solution (Local office has 50/10Mbps Cable , Datacenter has 100Mbps Symetrical Fiber). We talked with Fedex and tried many steps which are the following:

1. Install Fedex Ship Manager on Terminal Server and connect Label Printer/Scale using USB to TCP/IP Software (Eltima USB over Ethernet). Both Printer and Scale worked perfectly, however, the Fedex integration did not work out for unknown reason. We talked with 3 separate Fedex Tier 2 Tech Support and they told me that they don't know why it's not working and it maybe due to the fact that QB Enterprise 14.0 and Windows 2012 R2 is not fully tested?

2. Install ShipRush E-Commerce as advised by Fedex Tech Support. This is our first time installing this software and we followed each step as shown on instruction. Scale and Label Printer worked out perfectly fine but again integration was a trouble. We were unable to receive any information from QB through the ShipRush Order manager. We downloaded QB Integration tool and used the ShipRush password as supplied. All those were "Successful" but we cannot receive any orders.

3. Install ShipRush for Fedex (14 Day Demo, non-ecommerce). Decided to give it a try as we thought the step (2) failed because it was maybe intended for e-commerce only? However, we were unable to install it successfully on the same workstation as for some reason, it keeps installing it as the same Shiprush E-Commerce. We uninstalled Shiprush and tried to clean any left over files but the installation keep ending up as "same e-commerce" version. It doesn't even ask for installation configuration, just goes straight to end and shows us the GUI.

I've already spent well over 2 full days trying to troubleshoot this.... All we want is a clean, fast way to deploy Fedex Shipping connected with QB database. I definitely don't mind paying for full fledge ShipRush as long as it does work.

Any Input will be very helpful...

Thank you