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Thread: POODLE SSLv3 disabled - only PARTIAL solution - CANT upload tracking info to web srvr

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    We're using the web plugin integration to ShipRush and last night we disabled SSL v3 on our servers.
    This morning our warehouse guys could not run ShipRush. We found and applied the forum post:


    which essentially has you restart shiprush as admin. This worked partially!
    We are now able to correctly download the address for the label to ship but
    the system still gives error (unable to connect) when ShipRush tries to upload the shipping confirmation / tracking number back to our server.

    Please advise!
    - Christian

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    The setting change you made should fully solve.

    Can you post a screen shot of the error on post?

    (And can you do a test by re enabling SSL v3 and seeing if that brings things to life?)
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