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Thread: Automatically import Customs Document data from Quickbooks invoice fields

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    Is it possible to have ShipRush for UPS automatically import the data for the Customs Documentation from
    a QuickBooks invoice. This would include items like description, price, quantity. It might be necessary to go
    to the "Item List" database to fetch fields like weight, commodity code, etc. Does ShipRush do this or is it possible
    to setup ShipRush to do this?

    If this is not possible, does ShipRush remember entries made in the past (like UPS Worldship) so that the entire entry
    must not be redone when the same item is exported?


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    ShipRush does not have the ability to read that data from QB to populate into the shipping form.

    While we do not remember entries so that they can be selected on the form, if you ship the same things out, you could look at using a template to save particular data to a shipping form to use over and over:


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    ShipRush Web probably can/does.
    Blog: http://forums.zfirm.com/blog.php
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    Knowledge Base: http://shiprush.com/kb
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    It does remember some of them but I don't know for how long.
    I assume they don't keep databases forever.
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