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Thread: FedEx End of Day

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    Unlike the UPS Pro, the FedEx V4 does not print a manifest eventhough i processed end of day. I spoke to Katie in Customer Support and was told that FedEx V4 does not require end of day. So am i only suppose to stick the FedEx labels on the packages and not process the endo of day. Also when i view shipments, under the server message tab it reads: (TUPSManager.IntExecuteShip) Receiver billing must be enabled in setting.
    And this was after i already checked the enable consignee box in shipment defaults. Thanks, jojo

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    Do you ship ground in FedEx? That is the only time an End of Day would be required.

    If you are not getting a print out, you may want to verify that you have manifest or paperwork printer set correctly in ShipRush.

    Are you doing consignee billing? If not, disregard the message.

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