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Thread: ShipRush Database Directory is 12 GB in size

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    I'm trying to reduce the size of the ShipRush Database. I have followed the instructions on using the purge feature in the database maintenance program. It runs fine and says it did it's job. But the size of the folder with the database has not changed in size. When I review the file and folder structure within I see stuff from 2010 and newer still sitting there. Is there a way I can safely manually delete any of this data?


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    There are some items that the purge will not remove, as they aren't part of the active database in use. If this is UPS, you can move out the folders named such as svtbackup_#######, urcbackup_#####, etc.

    The sub folders that need to stay in place in the database directory are backup and dblock, and all of the files themselves in the database folder.

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