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Thread: Unable to connect to Amazon. Please check your Amazon credentials and try again.

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    We got this message: "Unable to connect to Amazon. Please check your Amazon credentials and try again". But we didn't change anything. On amazon side in aws settings that credentials is still active. All other stores in shiprush working fine.

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    Is this an older installation of Order Manager that hits Amazon directly? (E.g. not through my.shiprush?)

    Amazon shut off the old direct path.

    The solution is to add a new Amazon web store, that connects through my.shiprush
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    Amazon finally retired the old connection style that we used several years ago. We've found out that some sites were still on this old "legacy" connection method.

    You'll want to do the following:

    1) Verify that you are running at least version 10.3 of ShipRush (go to Help | About
    to see the version). If you are running an older version, update the program using the
    appropriate link from this URL:


    2) From the main Order Manager screen, click on "Add Store" in the bottom left corner
    of main screen. If you do not see it there, go into settings and look in the lower left
    hand of the screen.

    3) Select Amazon from the list of available New Stores and follow the wizard to attach the store
    to ShipRush Order Manager. If you do not already have a my.ShipRush.com account, you can
    create one as part of the setup wizard.

    4) Wait at least 10-15 minutes and hit Refresh from the main screen.

    5) Once you have verified that your pending orders have made it into the newly created
    store, go back into Settings, highlight the old Amazon connection, then press "Delete Store".

    That's it! You're set up with the new my.ShipRush.com Amazon integration.

    You can keep your old Amazon connection around for a while, to have access to Order Manager
    history, but you will want to delete it at some point, or risk shipping the duplicate orders
    listed on your Order Manager page.

    After changing to the new connection type, you will still have your shipping history available
    in the "View Shipments" section of ShipRush Order Manager.

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