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Thread: Upgrade from 10 to 11

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    I upgraded our ShipRush (along with Sage50) last night. When I try to start ShipRush, after starting Sage50, I get an error "301: Interrupted.. Unable to POST..."

    Any assistance would be appreciated to get this fixed so we can get our shipping going.


    Billy Menasco

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    Are you able to cancel and get ShipRush in the system tray? If so, do this:
    Go into settings | shipping settings | advanced | internet connection
    Click on Configure
    Change the Compatible

    Try again

    Possible error when you attempt to adjust the internet setting:
    Cannot create file "c:\windows\System32\ZFInetConfig.cpl". Access is denied.

    To get past this issue, exit ShipRush completely and restart ShipRush by right clicking on the ShipRush icon and selecting Run as Administrator. Do the above steps and restart ShipRush normally.

    If you cannot get into settings, please give us a call at 206.812.7874 and we'll need to address this with a phone call.

    Thank you,
    Have Questions? Ask the ShipRush Knowledge Base: https://shiprush.com/kbase
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