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Thread: Can't save account config

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    My Shiprush UPS can't save config, it will popup the attach information. The program runing on administrator account, have full access to the folder.
    Everytime when I turn to shiprush for UPS, it will request me to agree the agreements, select printers, after that the config file will show on the folder, but when I close shiprush, error message pop up, and the config file get deleted automatically

    I have shiprush for fedex install in same computer, everything works fine
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    I would browse out to the ShipRush folder indicated in the error message and share it to Everyone with full control. The error is Windows not allowing the application to update it's own config file. Also check the ShipRushClientSettings_UPS.ini file itself and right click look to see if it's set to read only.

    It could also be an anti-virus. To test, disable the realtime scan of the anti-virus and see if the issue clears. If so, set exceptions in the anti-virus program to not realtime scan the ShipRush folder indicated in the error message.

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    It works. Anti-virus issue.Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by alliedfeather View Post
    It works. Anti-virus issue.Thanks
    Thank you for the update.
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