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Thread: Fedex shipment 3rd party billing

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    We are experiencing some 3rd party billing shipments returning the message
    In Ship Rush we see the message:
    FedEx server returned: "Account not found". [ship:8138]
    Using our application and the SDK we see:
    FedEx server returned:
    ShippingChargesPayment Payor - The payors countryCode ios invalid Receipient/Third party account validation failed. Receipient/Third party account not authorized for round billing.
    ship:2499, ship:2498,shiop:6538
    The selected service is FedEx Ground

    Using the same ship to information service and 3rd party account in FedEx Ship Manager the shipment processed correctly

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    Please email to support at shiprush dot com with the account account information being used and we will review the error. We may need to open the issue with FedEx, as it is their server returning the message.

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    Sent e-mail with 2 separate accounts that had shipments rejected--Thanks

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    A couple of notes:

    a) It is great you did a sanity check in FedEx Ship Manager. Was this (a) fedex.com, or (b) the FedEx software? The FedEx software is not a valid test in this regard, we regret to report (frustrating, we agree, but the FedEx software is built on a different system and will not catch issues of this kind). The correct sanity checks would be:

    1) ShipRush GUI interactively
    2) fedex.com

    b) The error is crystal clear. If you are %100 convinced the third party account is valid, the next stop is to call FedEx Customer Service and inquire as to why shipments cannot be billed to the account (FedEx account management is out of our hands, apologies!)
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