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Thread: Shiprush error - we have not been able to connect to this Web Store.

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    We have used Shiprush for sometime with no issue. we had an update to Xcart and are now on Xcart Business - Now getting can not connect to our web store error message, and it was disabled

    error message (Today, 06:29 PM) Error: The URL provided does not seem to connect to an ecommerce system (or perhaps the Web Store is not configured properly). Please check the URL and configuration for this web store. (ERROR: 33836B)

    We confirmed our shiprush security token on the website matches the shiprush configuration but still cant connect - is there some change that is needed?

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    Found and fixed the issue.

    You had your web URL as https://domain.com but it needed to be https://www.domain.com

    Appears your website is redirecting to www. so it needed to be part of the URL in the webstore setting in ShipRush. It appears to be downloading data now.

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