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Thread: Unable to print to local Zebra from RDS

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    We have been able to print to our local Zebra printer from the desktop we are remoted in to. But, only a sample text file located on the remote machine's desktop. We want to print labels from NAV running on the remote computer. I have made the Easyprint change in group policy on the remote computer (http://www.zfirm.com/Knowledge_Bases.../SRXA-0464.txt). After making that change we received an error: Access Violation at address 222E7D5D in module Zrush1.ocx read address 0049414E. Any suggestions? Thanks

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    Are you able to print to a remote paper printer from the label printer settings area? Select laser\inkjet, select printer, and do a test print. Please also be sure to do this test directly from ShipRush from the system tray.

    If the above works, try changing that to the Zebra printer with the test button. Any error?

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