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Thread: Amazom fulfillment issue

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    One of our customers does Amazon fulfillment. Amazon has a UPS account that our customer has used as third party for fulfillment shipments. However, our customer would like shipping performance reporting from Amazon. Amazon said the following"they have been working on our shipping performance and it seems they need the tracking numbers with their prefix to provide a proper feedback on our performance." Since the account is dedicated to our customer I suggested they set it up in UPS Pro and we can map Amazon shipments to that account. When our customer asked for the UPS invoice information required to set up the account in UPS Pro they were notified the information is unavailable, but were sent an e-mail authorizing use of the account. I can forward the e-mail if you need it. How can I
    1. Set up the Amazon account for use by amazon shipments without the invoice information?
    2. or Provide a separate set of UPS Tracking numbers with the Amazon 3rd party account embedded as positions 3 through 7 of the tracking number assigned?
    We are SDK users but I posted this under UPS as it is a UPS Pro Account setup issue.

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    Unfortunately UPS requires us to use Invoice information to verify account during commissioning. Nothing else will do for this. Also, we cannot modify the tracking # to reflect their account if used as Third Party.

    They should try and reach out again to get the 4 pieces of information from the invoice required to commission.

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