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Thread: The URL provided does not seem to connect to an ecommerce system

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    I'm using the ShipRush ShoppingCart Integration Kit, and trying to set up a custom store in Shiprush called "Rose Express".

    I've gone through the custom development readme text file, and am stuck on "Step 4: Configure Your Module in My.ShipRush".

    The simulator works https://roseexpress.com/ShippingZSimulator.php

    But my actual PHP script https://roseexpress.com/ShippingZRoseExpress.php based on ShippingZZencart.php, gives me an error in the webstore wizard.

    The URL provided does not seem to connect to an ecommerce system (or perhaps the web store is not configured properly). Please check the URL and configuration for this web store. ERROR 33836A: (Shipping API not found at https://roseexpress.com/ShippingZRoseExpress.php).

    When I directly access the above address in a web browser, I get this XML:

    Shipping plugin connection successful! Token required for additional access.


    Is there a way of passing the token to the script so I can see if there is an error?

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    Email has been sent with additional information on how to hit the URL via a browser.

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