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Thread: Emails sent even when label voided

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    When we use Shiprush web I notice that once a label prints the tracking email goes to the customer immediately. So if there is a label printed in error the customer ends up getting two emails, one for the incorrect label printed and one for the corrected one that we reprint. How can I avoid sending the customer two tracking emails with different tracking numbers?
    On the desktop version our tracking emails are set up so they get held in Outlook outbox. That way if there is an incorrect label printed we can delete the incorrect label's tracking email before it goes out. I don't see how I can do that with web version. Is there a way?

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    There isn't a way to "hold" the emails in ShipRush Web. They are triggered and sent right after the shipment is processed.

    I have opened this as a Feature Request. Case 65256. We will update on this thread when development has implemented this feature.

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    Thanks! It would be helpful.


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