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Thread: Strange Error on Address Validation

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    Some addresses that get sent to the web api for verification come back as failed with the message "Address lines were modified by Automatic address validation".
    I get that it adjusted the address, but why does it report as failing verification since the corrected address should be returned.
    Is there something more to this or is it a "false-positive" failure?
    Should I make this failure an exception to treat it as a success?
    Since it's flagged as a failure, does it still return the adjusted address?

    Thank you.

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    This is also happening within my.shiprush.com

    It will successfully Rate the address, but will not ship.

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    Asking development about the API question. Case 67279. We will update when information is available.

    As far as rating vs shipping and address validation:
    - The validation rule does not apply during rating. It uses the from and to zipcode to calculate the rate in that scenario

    Thank you,
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