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Thread: UPS PRO service issue

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    Hi Zfirm.

    I have a customer running ShipRush UPS PRO v12.1.11.2439 in a Citrix environment. Yesterday, he tried to add another Citrix Profile for a new user that would also run UPS PRO. I am not sure what happen but now it is acting as though UPS Basic was installed. Reference attachment called error upsshiprush.jpg. For two users it still appears to be UPS PRO (Shipper and Admin) but the service is no longer running on the server and is not listed under services.

    On November 14th, they ran the EOD without issue. On November 15th it failed. I have attached a subset of the shiprushserver log. Maybe you can pick up something especially for the entry made on the 15th.

    I am planning on Monday early AM to reinstall both UPS PRO and FedEx unless there is a fix can share with me.

    Thank you!
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