I've just recently switched over to Shopify from Volusion, still using Shiprush, and now that I've got the switch behind me I'm trying to work out all the minor issues. Since the switch I'm no longer getting Customer's Discounts or Coupons to show up on my Packing Slips. Is that just a setting somewhere that I can't seem to find or is there more to it? So if a customer buys an item for $100 but uses a coupon for 50% off, the packing slip just shows the product and price of $100 but doesn't show them any information about the price that they actually paid. Although it does have the correct $50 price at the Total Price line. But if they're ordering multiple items with various coupons, they won't see any of their discounts showing how much they actually paid for each item. So... just seeing if anyone knows what I'm missing to get that Discount or Coupon onto the packing slips. Thanks!