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Thread: Shiprush error for UPS for charge type 'Collect'

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    We have a desktop version of Shiprush 11.2 in our system. We are interfacing to it from our ERP system sending XML via the webservice.

    When trying to send a shipment to the Shiprush server with shipment type "UPS Ground"(UPSServiceType : 03), Shipment Billing Charge Type as "collect"(ShipmentChgType:COL) and a 6-digit UPS account number from our Application(Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009) to Shiprush, we get this error "The consignee shipper account should be a regular, 6-digit, UPS account number. It appears not to be. Please correct it. "

    We have successfully created manual shipments using the same 6-digit UPS account number in Shiprush, so we know that there is no problem with the 3rd party account number.

    The same scenario works for FedEx ground with charge type Collect in Shiprush, and as far as we can see, there are no differences in the Schema between FedEx and UPS in this respect.

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    And you can do the exact same shipment through our UI directly? If so, you will need to compare the data being sent to ShipRush from the ERP system against the baseline shipment you're able to do from the UI.

    If this is SOAP, you can look at the xml being sent from the ERP system, and generate an example of the SOAP from the ShipRush UI. Dial up the shipment, click on the small ShipRush icon upper left, and do save current shipment to template. Set the params you want to look at (if they aren't already selected), and save the file. Now you have a roadmap to start at to see where the code issue might be.

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    Hi ,

    Thank you for the support.

    After comparing both the XML schemas , we go to know the missing element in the XML from ERP and got the issue fixed.



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