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Thread: Scan Form Too Small

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    Using the Desktop Icon to close day, the Scan Form is too small to be scanned - the form is coming out about 6"x 8"....how do you get this to fill an 8.5x11?

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    I just checked the SCAN form online in your web account. That is properly sized as 8.5x11.

    I would suggest double checking your printer settings in ShipRush for the paperwork\documents printer. Maybe set to a different printer, and does the issue follow to the other printer?

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    As mentioned, a back up plan is to log into SR Web, and download the scan form from there, which will be an 8.5x11 PDF

    This is not a normal issue. We can think of two possible causes:

    1) Is the Windows Default printer set to a Zebra, or other small-page size printer? If so, please change the windows default to a laser printer, and cycle SR Desktop

    2) Is SR Desktop Settings, for the paperwork printer, pointed at a printer that has non standard page size settings?
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    The problem with the PDF is that the barcode cannot be scanned by the post office when printed at 100% (8.5x11). For some reason the middle of the barcode has very little separation between the lines which makes it unscannable. I have tried everything and no luck. Frustrated here.


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