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Thread: UPS orders being imported as USPS

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    I'm the developer for a client that uses your ShipRush product. They use the desktop version and my code created the link they click that opens ShipRush with the order info already filled in. I believe you call this browser integration mode. On occasion, orders that are for UPS are marked in Shiprush as USPS and vice versa. Just some, not all. This code has been in use for years and they only first noticed this last year but it did not happen often. We recently had one where the order was for UPS Next Day Air but ShipRush marked it as USPS Priority. The link for it is:
    nntp://ship?Carrier=UPS&ShipmentXML=%3c%3fxml+version%3d% 221.0%22%3f%3e%3cRequest%3e%3cShipTransaction%3e%3 cShipment%3e%3cShipmentChgType+Value+%3d+%22COL%22 %2f%3e%3cUPSServiceType+Value+%3d+%2201%22%2f%3e%3 cDeliveryAddress%3e%3cUPSAccountNumber+Value+%3d+% 220F19Y2%22%2f%3e%3cAddress%3e%3cFirstName+Value+% 3d+%22xxxx++xxxx+%22%2f%3e%3cCompany+Value+%3d+%22 xxxx%22%2f%3e%3cAddress1+Value+%3d+%22xxxx%22%2f%3 e%3cAddress2+Value+%3d+%22%22%2f%3e%3cCity+Value+% 3d+%22xxxx%22%2f%3e%3cState+Value+%3d+%22CA%22%2f% 3e%3cPostalCode+Value+%3d+%2290026%22%2f%3e%3cCoun try+Value+%3d+%22US%22%2f%3e%3cPhone+Value+%3d+%22 xxxx%22%2f%3e%3c%2fAddress%3e%3c%2fDeliveryAddress %3e%3cPackage%3e%3cPackageReference1+Value+%3d+%22 Ord%2385242%22%2f%3e%3cPackageReference2+Value+%3d +%22Please+use+our+UPS+account+num%22%2f%3e%3c%2fP ackage%3e%3c%2fShipment%3e%3c%2fShipTransaction%3e %3c%2fRequest%3e&PostBackURL=https://www.xxxxx.com/xxxxx.aspx?type=xxx&id=xxx&sid=xxx&rid=xxx&

    I have xx'd out the personal info.

    What could be the issue?


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    The normal cause of an issue like this is a mismatch between the carrier and the shipping service. It is critical that the carrier be set explicitly, and that it be the right carrier for that service.

    Please note that we have new browser integration in ShipRush Web, that really rocks, gives you a %100 browser solution, and lets you capture the tracking number and cost from ShipRush. We will email you the story. (Also, the desktop to browser integration you are using was deprecated two years ago or so, and replaced with this all-browser solution.)
    The Blog: http://forums.zfirm.com/blog.php

    YouTube channel: http://youtube.com/shiprush

    Thank you for using ShipRush!
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