I have started using ShipRush again for USPS (stopped using when I terminated my FedEx account).

Yesterday (Sunday), I printed 81 USPS Priority mail labels, and 5 First class labels. I dated the labels for Monday.

I used the SCAN Form option on Sunday night, fearing that the form wouldn't print after Sunday. The SCAN Form only showed 81 Priority labels, and not the 5 First Class labels. Today (Monday), I printed 21 more USPS Priority labels and printed the SCAN form. After the SCAN form for the 21 Priority labels printed, a second SCAN form printed for the 5 First Class labels (the labels that I printed on Sunday). Just to recap - I printed labels on both Sunday and Monday and all were dated for Monday.

1) Why didn't the SCAN form for the First Class labels print on Sunday?

2) Do I need to print the SCAN form the same day I print the labels, even though they are pre-dated for the next day? Or, can I print the SCAN form once I'm done all my shipping (even if it's over 2 days).

Thank you.