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Thread: authenticate a new account without an invoice

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    Can Ship Rush add a new account without an invoice to authenticate it? I have a new account that I need to start shipping under but the account is new and no shipping has started yet (hence no invoice), but I need to register the account so I can see my rates via API so I can in-turn begin shipping and see my negotiated rates. Can Ship Rush Tech Support white-list the account (basically force the account in)? Thanks and advise.

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    We cannot force an account. You can try to add and say the account is new (it's an option). We have seen that not work as UPS is also trying to validate the account information. That is their security function.

    With that said, without an invoice we wouldn't be able to get negotiated rating from UPS.

    We'd suggest seeing if you can get an invoice generated for the account, even if $0.00 for the amount.

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