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Thread: Increase polling inteval between SR and osCommerce

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    We are using SR desktop with osCommerce. The polling interval of approximately 10 minutes when osCommerce communications new orders to SR is too long. Is there a way to decrease the wait time in-between?

    In our situation, when it reaches the end of our pickup window from FedEx the 10-minute wait is the difference between make vs. missing the daily pickup.

    I understand there might be concerns of server loading so I would like to at least suggest allowing a user to set a window of when orders from osCommerce will post to SR. Perhaps a 1-hour time frame. In our situation, we would like the ability to set a window from 3pm to 4pm central time where communication occurs every 1 minute.

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    This has been passed along as a suggestion, to allow the end user to control the query interval. Case 71311

    I do not know when that may be put into place.

    Possible workaround for now:
    Since you're using the desktop, you'll want to log into your account at My.ShipRush.com
    In there, you'll see Web Stores on the left hand side
    Next to your webstore for OsCommerce, you can click the refresh button
    Wait for a minute (or two, depending on how much data there is)
    Then you can go into ShipRush on your desktop and do a refresh

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