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Thread: new format for USPS labels

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    Around 12pm Central Time, we noticed that the USPS labels were being printed with a new format.

    Before the change, the labels said "easypost" on them.
    After the the labels said "pitney bowes" on them and there were a lot of other visual changes.

    Some other changes:
    - For Media Mail: Before, the upper left rectangle was solid black. After, the upper left rectangle is white with two diagonal lines from corner to corner.
    - For Priority Mail: Before, the mail class was shown as "USPS Priority Mail". After, is was shown as "Priority Mail 2 Day".

    Will this affect the shipping rates or tracking? Will this affect the End of Day procedures? Are there any other effects besides the different appearance of the label?


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    Will not impact tracking or shipping. We have two platforms for postal that can be used, and around that time today the primary system we have been using experienced an outage. Since we have two, we rolled everyone over to our secondary platform so there wasn't a widespread outage. Once all is fixed, it will be reverted back.

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