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Thread: Forcing a delcared value

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    I am trying to figure out why I have a 1 for declared value when I am not passing a value.

    Here is my xml
    <ShipRequest xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema"><ShipTransaction ><Shipment ><Carrier >17</Carrier><IsInternational >0</IsInternational><UPSServiceType >U03</UPSServiceType><CurrencyCode >USD</CurrencyCode><Package ><PackageActualWeight >7</PackageActualWeight><PackagingType >02</PackagingType><InsuranceAmount >1</InsuranceAmount><PackageReference1 ></PackageReference1></Package><DeliveryAddress ><Address ><FirstName ></FirstName><Company >Test</Company><Address1 >802 Mockingbird lane</Address1><Address2 ></Address2><City >Overland Park</City><State >KS</State><Country >US</Country><PostalCode >66204</PostalCode><Phone >8167896541</Phone></Address></DeliveryAddress><ShipperAddress ><Address ><FirstName >98 Eden Prairie</FirstName><Company >2nd Swing Golf</Company><Address1 >6752 Shady Oak Rd</Address1><Address2 ></Address2><City >Eden Prairie</City><State >MN</State><Country >US</Country><PostalCode >55344</PostalCode><Phone >(612) 216-4152</Phone></Address></ShipperAddress></Shipment></ShipTransaction></ShipRequest>

    I have attached a screenshot of ShipRush once the order is pushed. Thx!
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    <InsuranceAmount >1</InsuranceAmount> will set the DV value. You can see that if you dial up a shipment manually in the UI and Save ZPK and review the XML values.

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