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Thread: How to I ship via UPS?

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    I currently use ShipRush to print USPS labels, but I have a customer that states USPS cannot deliver to their address and requests I use UPS.
    I do not have a UPS account, but UPS delivers to my business on a daily basis so I assumed I could print a UPS shipping label and just hand them the package? If this is correct and I do not need a UPS account, how do I add UPS to my ShipRush program as a carrier service within my program?

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    You would need a UPS account to add as a carrier in our software. If using the desktop version of our software, you'd also have to purchase a license for the desktop version. If using the web version of ShipRush, simply go into settings and add Shipping Carrier and select UPS. You will then be able to create UPS labels. It will show as an option in the From area to select UPS instead of USPS.

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