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Thread: Trying to print a label tp PDF on an iPad

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    Front a remote site, not on the desktop that runs the toolbox. I login to Shiprush Web ON MY iPad and create a shipping label and under the more tab there is an option to print to PDF. I do this and a green bar says PDF downloaded to browser. However I see no pop up window or any other indication of a PDF. Where is it? On my iPad? I need to email it to my customer.

    Can you add the option to print to email? Using my static email address? Or an inputted customer email address? This would be (to me) a more direct way to get it to email.

    I also tried the above steps on the desktop that runs toolbox and got the same results, downloaded to browser but no idea where the pdf is.

    Please help.

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    There is a feature request to print to email....it's under review.

    As far as where the PDF is for the above, on either the iPad or desktop....it is either saved to the downloads folder for the browser in use, or was blocked as a popup and you'd have to grant the popup and My.ShipRush.com to occur in the browser.

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