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Thread: How to STOP amazon tracking number uploads?

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    We only use SR to get a shipping rate and print a label.
    We use the API to do this. We sometimes sell with the Seller Fulfilled Prime feature but as you know we have to use their shipping so we attached our amazon account to SR.

    We only take part in the SFP on a very small basis so 99.9% of our amazon orders are normal orders that we do NOT use amazon shipping. We use the standard SR USPS, FedEx, and UPS. Since our amazon account is connected...SR sends the tracking information to amazon as soon as a label is created. Our system does this but we delay until 8pm so if a customer cancels an order, amazon does not charge the REFUND FEE. Once amazon gets a tracking number, the order has to be RETURNED and amazon charges a fee. Hard to pass that fee to customer when the order never left the warehouse.

    How can we STOP SR from uploading tracking numbers to amazon?

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    There isn't a way to suppress or turn off shipment update if the shipment is done on an order, either via the UI or via the API. ShipRush always uploads tracking information back to the eComm solution where the order came from.

    We do not have a workaround to this behavior if using the order data directly. The only workaround would be to pull the address information and not link the shipment to the order, like doing a blank shipment or a clone shipment via the UI. That would be a function of your devs to create that function. It is not native to the API to create this stand alone shipment.

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