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Thread: ShipRush with Win10 and Google Chrome

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    I'm having an issue with a new system I just upgraded to Win 10. My users ship their Smartturn orders using ShipRush for FedEx. This works great on the old Win 7 pc but on Win 10, it opens a Google Chrome window instead of ShipRush. When Parcel Post is selected, Smartturn is supposed to pass a NNTP string to ShipRush and process the shipment from there but instead, Google Chrome grabs it as the default app and trys to run it in a Chrome window. If I uninstall Chrome, Shiprush works fine but we need both installed. Can you tell me how to set ShipRush to default nntp protocol app is Chrome is installed, Windows will not let me select it and I couldn't find it online.

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    That is the issue with the integration you're using with Smartturn. I've talked with them about this as well. There isn't a way to our knowledge to change the association of a protocol in Windows 10. We investigated it when Windows 10 first came out and couldn't find a method to do that.

    You could ask Smartturn to see if they can change the protocol to ShipRush: instead of NNTP:

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