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Thread: Error Adding FedEx Account - Incorrect Billing Address

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    Hi all,

    Our company frequently ships packages through Wayfair and uses their FedEx account for billing. We're trying to add this account into ShipRush to cut out having to go directly to the FedEx site to ship, but keep getting errors of using the incorrect billing address (We've validated with Wayfair and FedEx that the billing address is correct and have tried all combinations of the address). Has anyone else experienced this issue in adding a FedEx account where you know the Billing Address is correct but are still getting an error saying it's incorrect?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    The error is a FedEx error and part of their validation process. If there are a couple possible addresses available for that account, please try with a different address (like a different city\state\zip combo). We cannot override or bypass this message as the account commissioning is failing FedEx's internal validation process.

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