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Thread: What are the FedEx Package Type values accepted by Shiprush API?

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    We are using the ShipRush API to send rateshopping and ship POST requests from a custom Javascript application. From the application, we have always been sending a value of "02" for "packaging type", which maps to "Box/Other Packaging".
    What values are expected/accepted for other packaging types, such as FedEx Pak, FedEx tube, FedEx large box, etc.?

    I have the same question for Signature Delivery values. Currently, we are not sending this parameter at all, and just defaulting to "no signature required". What are the other valid values for "Signature Required", "Indirect Signature", "Direct Signature", "Adult Signature", etc. ?


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    Email sent directly to you with a copy of the XSD file with those values.

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    Thank you!


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