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I have not heard of declaring the packaging type for hazmat, and have not seen that be the reason for a shipment failure.

Did some more digging for FedEx hazmat documentation to use:

From there I found this page:

To this document:

For US shipping (sorry, the document I found before was for the UK), looks to be this:
Lithium ion batteries contained in equipment
Lithium ion batteries packed with equipment

Capitalization and punctuation must look like the above (no hyphen or capitals after the first word)

Try that, and let's see where it gets us

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Can you see a particular shipment that I'm working on? Look at shipment ID b1645216-1e06-4c1a-8b1f-ab5f00ecdef1

I'm trying to ship this to myself as a test and then void the label afterwards...I've tried every combination I can think of (including the examples you've provided) and cannot get it to work. I have a contact in w/ FedEx to get me in touch with someone in FedEx Server dev to see if they can help but I'm not hopeful. I'm really trying not to have to use FedEx Ship Manager.